• August 12, 2017
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Swimwear, on the other hand, is corset style bra still an evolving market: Many of the independent labels that are now fashion darlings are less than five years old (Solid and Striped, Flagpole, Kiini), while luxury brands like Proenza Schouler,
Jonathan Simkhai and, womens bikinis sale most recently, Rosie Assoulin are increasingly dipping their toes into the space. Marie noticed this swell of interest, especially among her peers. "With social media, [especially] Instagram, girls care more about their vacations and what they're wearing," she says. "Swim was kind of looked down upon in the past and I was like, it's really, really going to become big with this vacation craze and this whole resort lifestyle craze."
With suit underwear over a million followers herself, she knew what would click on the platform. "I kind of built the concept of the brand off of what the girl on Instagram wants to post," she explains. "I know because I'm her, you know? I design for myself. I want something that people are going to see and be like, 'Wow, that's amazing. That stands out. You could literally post a photo of that swimsuit by itself against a white background and people would be into it, because it's captivating on its own.'"
Sure enough, the suits suit underwear are a constant fixture on the feeds of her Insta-famous friends, including Caroline Vreeland, Ashley Moore and Sarah Snyder; Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin were photographed in them even before the brand had the budget to send out freebies (a boost most fledgling designers would kill or at least drop a few grand for).
"Starting a brand is so expensive a round of production could be $250,000. Once you put your money into that, you don't have a lot extra to be sending out tons of free stuff or hiring PR," she explains. And while her team does send out gifts to a select few influencers now, Marie says she pointedly doesn't ask them to post the product, hoping instead that they'll love it enough to photograph it of their own accord a lesson she's learned from years of having brands send her stuff "all day, every day" and pushy PR reps pressuring her to feature their clients.
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